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Recently the Premier Modi put into effects some measures in order to prove how easy it is to invest in India and how real all the business opportunities with his Country are. Modi not only wants to show the ability to keep up his nearest rival – China – , but his real goal is to take away the Chinese leadreship over the next years. To this end, he opened “Make in India” , a marketing campaign which purpose is to invite entrepreneurs and companies around the world to invest in, to establish their factories and to open industrial parks in the Asian country.

New Delhi has identified 25 key areas with a greater potential. These sectors will be subject to tax breaks and subsidies and among them there are: automotive, IT, food processing, textiles, construction, infrastructure, tourism, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, energy and telecommunications.

Furthermore, New Delhi will simplify all the bureaucratic procedures in order to facilitate the inflow of capital from abroad and create a more advantageous environment for doing business.

By |23 March 2015|News|